2015  Manchester Baus P88 best e poster on the use of fresh frozen cadavers for the teaching of HOLEP

2015 Manchester BAUS p125 routine post op blood tests following HOLEP are they clinically useful

2015  Manchester BAUS P15 10 year experience of total laparoscopic donor nephrectomy in a tertiary uk transplant centre

2014    Invited Podium presentation on Male LUTS BMJ Master class, Newcastle


2013    Invited Podium presentation on Bipolar prostate resection, section of Endourology, Birmingham


2010   Video presentation Baus, Section of Endourology, Aberdeen. Remember the hook during upper tract laparoscopy. Page T, Vasdev N, Rogers A, Rix D and Soomro N


2010   Video presentation Baus, Section of Endourology, Aberdeen. The Forgotten stent, a successful endourological treatment strategy. Vasdev N, Page T, Haslam P and Hasan S.T (Poster won best video poster prize)


2010   Podium presentation European Association of Urology annual meeting. Barcelona (954) The history of percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Through the keyhole to a wider world  Roger A, Page T, English, P (Accepted but not presented due to volcanic ash)



2010   North of England Urological Society. What is optimum follow up for patients undergoing Pyeloplasty in the NHS? T.Page , O Blayney, N Elderawy, T Armitage and P Johnson


2009   The 2nd World Congress on Controversies in Urology (CURy)

Poster 76 Is tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy (pcnl) here to stay? A 2 year single centre experience I. El-Mokadem, T. Page, P. Menezes, P. English, R. Marsh, P. Johnson  Lisbon, Portugal, February  2009.


2009   North of England Urological Society. Laparoscopic nephrectomy, are we   improving our results? A comparison of 339 pts over seven years? Toby Page, Nikhil Vasdev , Jonathan Harikrishnan and Breanna Winger.


2009   North of England Urological Society. 10 years of experience with 2- stage     buccal graft urethroplasty for penile urethral strictures. Rebecca Wockenforth, Jonathan Harikrishnan, Toby Page and Rob Pickard


2008    Baus Annual meeting. Podium presentation. Poster p71 Retrospective review of contemporary PCNL practice using intra corporeal techniques through a single puncture. R Heer, T Page, J Dominguez-Escrig, P Haslam and S T Hasan. 


2008    Supervised winner of North of England Urological Society 2008 Tubeless PCNL a post implementation review El-Mokadem I, Shaw MB, Page T, Johnson P, Marsh R, English PJ. North of England Urological Society, Durham, 2008.

2008   5 year regional lithotripsy audit. North of England Urological Society.

2006    North of England Urological Society, autumn meeting, JCUH Stone Audit.

2005    Poster presentation, American Urological Association (AUA) annual meeting. San Antonio, Texas, USA.

2005    Poster presentation, BAUS section of Oncology, Edinburgh December 2005.

2004    I have presented at both journal clubs and educational meetings in the Urology, E.N.T, I.C.U and vascular departments at Derriford hospital, Plymouth.

2003    Podium presentation and Poster. British Urological research annual meeting. The Royal College of Surgeons. England, UK.

2003    Podium presentation at South West Urologists Annual meeting, Yeovil, UK.

2002    Poster and moderated discussion, American Urological Association (AUA) Annual meeting. Chicago, USA.

2002    I have presented my research work at Plymouth University meetings and at Derriford Hospital Nephrology and Urology meetings.