Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D (Awarded 2005)




An investigation into aspects of the molecular medicine of renal cell carcinoma


Professor A Demaine and Mr J C Hammonds.




My PhD research into tumour angiogenesis involved the isolation and examination of a number of different genes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Clear cell renal carcinomas are highly vascular tumours and as such a good target for understanding angiogenesis. As part of this work I created a database of clinical information on all patients with renal cell carcinoma presenting in the last 20 years at Derriford hospital. I have used this data to examine relationships between several of the patient’s genotypes and their disease phenotype.




I have shown that a number of polymorphisms in the GLUT-1 gene are associated with clear cell renal cancer. I have shown that patients with a non VHL gene defect in their cancer are more likely to have a more aggressive phenotype. I have also designed and manufactured a cell model for assessing the importance of different promoter polymorphisms in the HIF- 1 and GLUT 1 promoter sequences.


Skills acquired


Grant and manuscript preparation and obtaining ethical approval.
Laboratory skills, including PCR, DNA sequencing, cell culture and tissue storage.
Critical data and literature appraisal, database construction
Team working




This work was accepted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The results of this work have been presented and published internationally. This degree was conferred by the University of Exeter in 2005.





Bachelor of Science (Clinical immunology) –Awarded 1997


This degree was taken whilst an undergraduate medical student at the University College London. The format involved the written examination of an individually derived course syllabus, together with novel basic science research assessed by means of a dissertation and viva voce examination.


The research performed was entitled ‘Endothelial cell activation during graft versus host disease following bone marrow transplant’


Skills acquired


Experimental design
Laboratory techniques including 3 colour flow cytometry and slide preparation
Critical data and literature appraisal
Manuscript preparation
Team working



Current Research Interests


My current research interests are surgical clinical trials. I am involved in a number of trials at present. Co-applicant and PI of UNBLOCS trial, PI HYMN trial, PI ROPE trial. Co-investigator on GOLIATH, POUT, Suspend, Carmena, BOXIT, TISU and PATCH trials.










Temporary lecturer in human anatomy, Peninsular Medical School. Plymouth and Exeter


Undergraduate lead for urology teaching for NUTH Trust. Years 3-5


I have taught 2  overseas surgeons in laparoscopy


I regularly teach all grades of doctors in a number of surgical procedures and clinical skills


I contribute to formal and informal nursing education programmes at the request of nursing managers and also local General Practitioners.








BAUS Section of Endourology, travelling fellowship.


Co-author prizing winning poster BAUS section of endourology.


H.A.B Simmons Prize for BSc. Research.


MB.BS Distinction in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Merit in Pathology.


Esther White Memorial Prize for distinction at MB.BS.